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Hello Friend!

My name is Tiffany and I am incredibly honored that I was chosen to be the scribe for this delightful body of work. The Lightworker Diaries came to me as a divine download (click here to read more). As soon as the inspiration struck, I knew that my life had a new purpose.

I am delighted to be using my Soul's gifts to craft my personal stories into little works for art that I then get to share with each of you.

My hope is that by being here you will receive what your Soul needs. Whether that means filling your cup with inspiration or reminding you that you are not alone, my hope is that the Lightworker Diaries becomes a place that feels like home for you.

We are living in a wild and miraculous world right now and I feel deeply grateful to have so many magical people to walk alongside. Thank you for tuning into the wisdom and curiosities that are shared here and for helping me to share this body of work with the world. I appreciate you very much!

Tiffany Marlink

Creator of the Lightworker Diaries

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