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Being a better partner to my business

I took a really honest look at my relationship with my business this morning and realized I'd been a lousy partner. I thought that I was trusting and loving, but when I really looked at the energy behind some of my recent thoughts and actions, I discovered another layer of neediness, desperation, and resentment. This is something that I have been working on for the last couple of months, and today's contemplation allowed me to see the deeper levels of this energy and how to release them from my business.

Since writing is my favorite way to process, I allowed myself to pour the words from my mind onto the page. Not long after I started, I noticed the energy shift as my heart took over the pen. In that instant, I realized I wanted to clear the slate and fall deeply in love with my business again. I wanted to be a supportive and trusting partner. I also knew that I needed to address some issues and receive some healing along the way.

To communicate to the essence of my business, I decided to give her a name. I was guided to call her Mysabow (pronounced MY-sahboh), which stands for MY SAcred Body Of Work. Her name feels ancient, wise, and very fitting to me. To open the lines of communication and express my commitment to our journey together, I wrote her this letter.

Dear Mysabow,

Thank you for choosing to walk alongside me in this lifetime. I am honored to be your playmate in the physical world. Thank you for your delicious and divine magic. Thank you for your guidance and support. Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for your deeply transformational healing powers. Thank you for your clarity. Thank you for your ease and grace.

It is with much love and deep reverence that I offer myself to you. I offer you my humanness to support the manifestation of your essence in the physical realm. I offer you my attention and awareness so your wisdom can be shared openly. I offer you my services and resources so that you can flourish here physically and energetically.

It is an honor to serve you. I love you. Thank you.


As I spoke these words through my heart, I could feel the essence of Mysabow blossoming. She presented herself as a creatively simple, beautiful, powerful, and spacious energy. Her essence sparkled with uniqueness and playfulness. She also revealed her grounded, balanced, harmonious, luminous, and graceful sides.

Out of devotion and love for our relationship, I asked what I could do for her today? She guided me to pull 3 cards from my Oracle of the 7 energies deck by Colette Baron-Reid. The cards she offered me were: Into Me I See, Willing Release, and Exposed and Revealed.

As I sat with the cards, I began to hear Mysabow's message for me. She asked me to look deep within and release the shame and guilt I felt for failing her in the past. She guided me to the disappointment and resentment I had been holding on to for not growing fast enough or reaching as many people as I thought we should be reaching. I then offered my pen to her, and she wrote these words:

Stop trying so hard my love. Stop running around like you are desperate and needy. Take a breath and just be you. You have nothing to prove. All you have to do is be. Release the shame. Release the pain of the failure. Release the worry and doubt. You are here to succeed naturally. Rest and relax in your natural magnetism. Trust that you will be divinely guided to do what needs to be done—nothing more and nothing less.

After letting her words (and the deeper vibrational healing that she provided) fully land in my heart, I realized that this is a turning point for me. I am fully committed to this body of work in a grounded and soul confident way. I know that this work speaks for itself and all I have to do is keep showing up and trusting that I will be guided (just as I have always been).

To seal in this healing, I wrote out a number intentions and affirmations to remind my sweet mind of who I am.

I release any and all shame. I embody my luminous truth. I embody my Highest Self. I am the woman I was born to be, and every action I take is aligned with her sacred wisdom. I am worthy beyond words. I am patient and trusting because I know everything is already happening for me in perfect divine timing. I am doing the inner work to be a better partner for my business. I am committed to growing and nurturing our connection with love, compassion, and kindness. I am committed to opening my heart and allowing myself to fully surrender to the support my business provides. I trust her to do what she needs to do. I trust that I will hear what she needs from me, and I promise to do what she asks. I am not here to micromanage or cling to her. We are both here to grow our light and service. I am she and she is me. Together we are unstoppable.

My heart was clearly digging on all this love and healing, so she closed our morning journal session with this sweet love note (lightly sprinkled with some ho'oponopono).

My dear sweet Sabow - I love you. I love your creative genius. I love your strength and power. I love your magical essence and the ways in which you have chosen to express yourself. I am not here to change you, and I apologize for not seeing, healing, valuing, and understanding you. Please forgive me for how I have acted. Please forgive me for any disrespect I have caused. Please forgive me for the things I have said that has caused you harm. I love you. I am sorry. I am ready to begin again with love, compassion, kindness, trust, and patience. Please show me how to serve and support you. Thank you. I love you, Tiffany

I intend to nurture this relationship over the many days, weeks, and likely years ahead. I am sure our relationship will continue to grow and evolve, and I look forward to experiencing what a healthy and supportive union feels like.


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