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Celebrating an empty fortune

I recently ran out of one of my favorite essential oil rollerballs. As I was browsing the website to order a replacement, I noticed another rollerball that I felt like I should have. It was called Fortune and was formulated with the intention to create space for prosperity. Since my goal for this year is to expand my wealth consciousness, I figured a Fortune rollerball also needed to be added to my order.

When my adorable little bag of rollerballs arrived the next day, I was elated. I opened it to smell the magic of each blend and noticed the Fortune cap seemed a little sticky. My mind said, "huh, weird," and then lifted it to my nose. I could smell a fragrance, but it was super light, so I applied it to the inside of my wrist, hoping to get a better scent.

It was at that point that I realized the rollerball might be empty. I held the dark brown bottle to the light and tried to see any oil inside, but I couldn't quite tell because the label covered most of the bottle. Wanting to be absolutely sure before I reached out, I went to the closet in my office to find my rollerball tool (it's a little metal tool that helps you pop off or snap on the rollerball without making a total mess).

As I reached for the box with my tool, I noticed a smaller box sitting on top. Curious about what was in the smaller box, I reached for that first and opened it. I heard my heart sing as I discovered a box of replacement bulbs for my salt lamp.

I had been looking for any extra bulbs that may have been left from my last order and couldn't seem to find them anywhere. I had placed another box of bulbs in my Amazon cart but had not yet hit the order button. Clearly, there was a part of me that knew I already had what I needed. Thanks intuition!

Celebrating my little win, I then opened the Fortune rollerball to find that it was, in fact, empty. So I reached out to my friend and asked her for a replacement. It wasn't until I sat down to reflect on what had just happened that I realized how much I have changed.

The younger version of me would've freaked out about the meaning behind the empty bottle of Fortune. She would've taken it as a sign that her luck had run out or that prosperity would never be hers. She may have even been so discouraged by her interpretation of the sign that she may not have asked for a replacement. Assuming that the empty bottle was what the Universe had intended for her.

None of that crossed my mind until I was invited to look at the experience through the eyes of my younger self. My current self was in a total state of joy for this good Fortune leading her to the abundance of replacement bulbs that were in my closet. My current self was grateful to realize that the empty Fortune was a gift on multiple levels. Without that experience, I may not have realized how much my inner dialogue has shifted. My current self was also elated with the ease in which she asked for and received another bottle of Fortune that was filled to the brim.

When I first started exploring manifestation and inner work, I expected to see instant results in my external reality. Over the years, I've learned that the biggest changes happen on the inside first. It's the tiny shifts like seeing the empty Fortune for its gift rather than its detriment. It's noticing the internal dialogue that has shifted from "Why me?" to "Thanks Universe!"

I share this with you today in hopes that you too can find the gift in every circumstance. The Universe is truly working in your favor. If it doesn't feel like it, it's time to change your perspective.


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