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Golf clubs and learning to trust

A few months ago, my partner decided to upgrade his golf clubs. It was a big purchase, and his initial excitement was quickly followed by a series of unfortunate events. The new shafts didn't feel right, so he had the clubs redone with a set of shafts he already had at home. He took them out to the range only to find things still didn't feel quite right. To remedy the situation, he ordered the same golf shafts that were on his old clubs.

After he placed the order, he began watching the shipment tracking information. First, it was a weather delay. Then there were no updates on the FedEx site for a couple of days. His initial excitement grew into impatience as he watched the FedEx tracking website continue to offer no new information on the package's location. Wanting to know what was going on, he started calling for updates on where the package was and when it would arrive.

In the meantime, he had also ordered a doggie multivitamin for Max. The package was being shipped via FedEx, and there was a weather delay message on the shipment tracking for that package as well. Two days later, the multi-vitamins arrived at our door. You would think this would be good news, but instead, it was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Someone at FedEx had told my partner that the trucks are unpacked in the order that they arrive. They said that the weather delay had slowed things down, but they would get to the delayed packages as quickly as possible. The multi-vitamins had arrived at the distribution center after the golf shafts. When the multi-vitamins arrived at our doorstep before the golf shaft package, my partner's impatience boiled over into frustration. He kept telling me that all he wanted was clear communication. I knew he really wanted to get his golf clubs dialed in so he could get his game dialed back in.

In my opinion, the impatience and frustration he was experiencing were creating energetic chaos for the golf package. The Universe received the "why aren't they here yet!?" energy and slowed down the delivery process as a response. On the other hand, the multi-vitamin package only experienced a minor delay and arrived earlier than expected. There was no emotional energy slowing down the delivery of that package.

Knowing that the world is a mirror of our own inner states, I decided to look within and see if there was anything that I needed to address. You might be wondering if you need to look at everything in your world with eyes of curiosity. In my opinion, if it creates an emotional response in you, there is something to be curious about.

Watching my partner's frustration elicited a strong physical and emotional response in me. I wanted to give him a little shake to snap him out of it. However, I learned a long time ago that his lessons are his own, and he has to learn them his way. So I let him do his learning and growth and turned inward to do my own.

During my introspection, I discovered that my "where the F are they?!" moment happens in my events' marketing and promotion cycle. I send emails and invitations for the events, and then I freak out when no one signs up right away. That panic then leads to stress and completely unnecessary self-talk. The more I looked at this internal dialogue, the more I realized my own emotional chaos was creating delays in the sales process.

The more awareness that I've brought to this aspect, the more relaxed I've become. I've found the grace to be ok with having no one sign up right away because I trust that the people who need the gift I give will sign up when they need to sign up. I've also learned to release any attachment to the number of sign-ups because they are not an indicator of my value or my worth. I already know that I am really good at what I do and that my process delivers results every time.

It's only been a couple of months since I've identified this growth edge and leaned even further into trusting myself and Spirit. However, I will say that the changes are already noticeable. I feel less stressed about the promotion cycle for my events which allows me to receive more divinely inspired creative solutions to explore. This of course is leading to new growth edges around asking for support, but I'll save that topic for another day.

Also, for those of you who are wondering, my partner did receive his new golf shafts a couple of days after the multi-vitamins arrived. He's still making tweaks and adjustments to the clubs and I'm enjoying the process of watching him decide what makes him happy.


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