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I heard the sirens 2,500 miles away

On Sunday, I was driving home from the Oregon coast when I heard sirens. I scanned past the cars ahead of me and then I looked at my rear view mirror. I didn’t see any emergency vehicles or any other cars slowing down, so I continued driving and watching for lights in either direction.

After driving a bit further and still hearing the ring of sirens, I asked my bestie if she was hearing them too. She paused for a minute, looked back at me and said no. We continued our conversation, but I could not seem to escape the sound of the sirens.

A few hours later, I discovered why. My dad had been rushed to the hospital after suffering a stroke at his home in Florida. As I received the news of what happened, I knew the sirens I heard earlier that day were a sign from Spirit.

That one little magical moment was the start of an incredibly powerful shift for me.

My dad and I have not been close since I decided to go to college instead of the joining family business after high school. The distance in our relationship has grown pretty significant over the years. In hearing the news, there was a part of me that suddenly felt the guilt of all those years that had passed with very few words spoken to each other. I also experienced an unexpected, and warmly welcomed, sense of pure compassion for the man that brought me into this world. (thank you inner work and boat load of therapy)

As I bobbed in the emotional waves that followed, I noticed a part of me that was coming to offer solace. My inner healer was stepping into action. She was ready to offer healing not only to my dad but to myself and the beliefs that would rise to the surface as a result of this unexpected twist of fate. I didn’t realize how much I would be relying on her in the days that would come. All I knew was that I was grateful that she always seemed to know what to do.

After allowing myself to feel each of the feelings that arose, I began to offer distance energy healing to my dad. The first session felt heavy. I could feel the fear and panic of the unknown that was surrounding my dad and the situation he was in. I did what I could to offer comfort and ease and I knew that additional sessions would be needed.

The second distance healing session with my dad was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

I closed my eyes and cupped my hands palms up in my lap. I imagined him resting in the palms of my hands and then I surrounded him with an iridescent bubble. The bubble was large enough to fill his hospital room which allowed me to clear and ground the energy of the entire space. Using my mind’s eye, I filled the bubble with bliss, love and healing light. I felt the weight in my hands lighten as the bubble filled.

Once the bubble felt complete, I saw myself standing at the head of his hospital bed. He was resting peacefully, and I took his head into my hands. As I did this, I once again felt a shift in the energy and weight in my hands. I slowly whispered the words “thank you, I love you, please forgive me, I’m sorry” (the ho’oponopono prayer) as I held him. As I opened my heart, I felt the healing energy of Source flow. My hands began to tingle as they filled with the warmth of the energy that was being released from my dad’s head and body. As I sat there holding him energetically, the warmth in my hands grew into a significant heat.

I waited patiently until I heard the words “it is done.” I left my hands cupped together as if I didn’t want to spill a single drop of the energy on my way to the sink. As I rinsed the energy from my hands, it felt like water running over a fresh burn. Cold and relieving in an intensely tingling kind of way. I stood at the sink for a while and began to recall the visions I experienced while offering the distance healing.

I watched in my mind’s eye as the nurses and doctors looked at his charts and questioned the miracle before them. Then I saw myself continuing to offer energy healing in the weeks ahead. A unique energetic therapy that would change not only his brain health but his internal state of being. These images filled me with gratitude and relief. I did not know whether his mind would be able to accept the healing, but I knew what Source offered through me was powerful.

The day after the second healing, I received a piece of divine inspiration. The idea was to host a virtual healing circle for my dad and invite my dad's family and my healer friends to participate. As I received the idea, I could feel an excitement rise within me. This felt like something I was born to do, and I knew it would be supportive if dad was open to receiving. I could also see visions of myself hosting these healing circles for others and their families and that vision warmed my heart.

Not long after the idea landed in my awareness, I also noticed the internal resistance to it. The resistance was deep and I had to invite my inner healer to sit with me through it. What I discovered was that I was afraid to show my family who I am and what I am capable of. They knew me as an accountant turned life coach. I had no clue if they knew what being a life coach meant. I didn't even have the heart to tell my grandma that I didn't do taxes when I was an accountant! How the hell was I going to explain being a lightworker and multi-dimensional healer.

I was so afraid of their judgment, that I decided not to offer the healing circle. I didn't want to risk being the one they gossiped about at family gatherings or being cast out even further. I told myself that my distance energy healing was still powerful enough to support him and that would be enough for now.

That of course did not let me off the hook for my own self healing. The fear of rejection had flared up and was not going to go away without my attention. I continued sitting with this deep seated fear of judgment and began to see the other ways it was manifesting in my life. I knew it was time to address this belief, so I opened my awareness to see the real root of the issue. In the dark corner I found what I didn't want to find. I was the one who was rejecting my true self. That realization was the healing within the healing.

I am still exploring what it means to accept my true self and how to allow my true self to be seen by all (not just my magical friends who already understand). All I know for now is that this is not something I can avoid or pretend I didn't notice. Thank you Spirit. May my own healing continue for the highest good of all.

Here’s to living bravely and allowing your light to shine especially when it’s scary.

In case you are wondering, my dad was released from the hospital today. The doctors decided he did not need brain surgery after all and that is great news. Thank you Spirit.

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