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I released the need to do it all myself

You may have heard the saying that the world is a mirror. It is an external reflection of our internal reality. I believe this to be true, even for the things I can't fully explain. I also know that this external mirror is one of the easiest ways for me to see the healing my own soul is ready for me to experience.

My client sessions are one of my favorite mirrors for that very reason. I can see myself in each client and I listen to the inspired words of wisdom that flow through me because I often need to hear them too. That was certainly the case during a recent session where I was inspired to create a custom meditation to support a client with replacing a root belief that was no longer serving her.

To prepare myself, I tuned in to the energy of the meditation that was about to be created. I lit a candle to spark the inspiration that was going to be flowing and then I invited my Spirit Guides to whisper the words that would serve her highest good.

I closed my eyes to sink into the healing energy that was flowing through me as I hit record. I knew the words would satisfy the thinking mind and the healing intentions would go deeper into the subconscious to do the energetic transmutation.

I allowed the words to flow through me and was a little surprised by the general nature of the central portion of the meditation. I heard myself speaking to the concept of removing the root belief without specifically stating the root belief we had discussed. As I wrapped up the meditation and stopped the recording, I suddenly knew why it was different than my thinking mind had expected.

This was not a one and done meditation. It was created to serve many times over. The guidance allowed space for the person listening to set an intention for the belief they were working to release or open themselves to receive the belief that was ready to be released. In that instant, I also knew the meditation was for me.

The next morning, I plugged in my headphones and hit play. I listened as my own voice took me into my sacred garden. I watched as my Higher Self guided me to a section of the garden that was being overtaken by a jet black ground cover plant. It seemed to be growing slowly which felt like a good thing. The only problem was that it had been growing for so long that it had already taken over multiple garden beds. I could see that it was suffocating any other potential growth and this entire section of my garden was suffering as a result.

I had been guided to enter the meditation with an open mind, so I was not quite sure what this invasive plant represented. As soon as that curiosity entered my mind, I heard the words "I have to do it all myself!" My mind began flashing images of the moments in my life where I had spoken those words out of disappointment and frustration. I had been let down one too many times and this plant was the inner manifestation of my determination to never let that happen again. As the plant thrived on the fear and isolation I was feeding it, the rest of my inner garden was withering from the lack of nourishment.

I continued listening to my guiding voice as it walked me through the process of thanking the belief for the service it had provided. Knowing that the belief was created as a form of protection and safety allowed me to offer love and gratitude to the plant. It had done it's job well. I had not relied on anyone for much of anything in quite sometime. I could also feel how that energy was holding me back from the relationships my heart desired. Both the plant and I knew it was time to let it go and let others in.

After my appreciation was complete, I imagined kneeling down next to the plant and gently placed my hand on it. As soon as my hand touched it, the black turned to a shimmering gold and disintegrated into the soil below.

I was then guided me to plant new belief seeds. I watched as my Higher Self placed seeds of truth, love and light into my palms. I sat for a moment and listened as they whispered their message, "it is safe to be supported." These little gems were about to change my world. I turned the seeds into the nutrient rich soil of the decomposed old belief and whispered thank you. As I brought my consciousness back into my physical body, I knew that the inner healing was complete.

The beauty of our energy body is that we can make changes to our inner reality instantaneously. The energy is more free flowing and can respond quickly to our intentions. Our physical reality is much more dense and as a result, the changes there may take a little more time to manifest. So although I know my healing is complete, I will have to wait and see when my physical reality catches up to my internal reality.

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