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Meditation and channeling

Someone recently complimented me on my meditations and asked how I create them. She asked if I wrote them down or practiced them in advance. When I told her that they just kinda come to me, her response was simply "Wow!"

I went on to share that sometimes I get a little sneak preview before I start and other times I have no idea what I'll say until I close my eyes. The thing that I do know is that the guidance always comes and that's part of why I love leading meditations. It's as much a journey for me as it is for whoever is listening along with me.

Once I close my eyes, it feels like I enter another realm. I take a few breaths and a path begins to unfold before me. Sometimes it's a vision (like what would pop into your mind if I said imagine a red apple). Other times I can hear my own voice forming the words in my head before they fall out of my mouth. Most of the time though, it's an inner knowing and all I have to do is describe what is coming up as it comes up.

My meditations are a form of channeling and my gateway into channeling was my writing. I've been using the Morning Pages practice from The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron for nearly 10 years. The practice is free writing 3 pages each morning.

A few years ago, I began noticing times when it felt like my hand was writing for itself. I'd lose track of time when I was in that space. Often finding myself writing for 2 - 3 hours at a time before my body would demand food or a bio break. At the time I didn't really think it was anything special. I just thought I loved to write.

Then my Spirit Guides told my Shaman that I had been channeling regularly. When she asked me about it, I was caught by surprise. Then I realized, yes! that was exactly what had been happening. I was elated to realize I had this gift within me.

This may have been a gift that I've had my whole life, but I certainly wasn't aware of it until that point. I think there are a lot of spiritual gifts that show up for people in that way. We don't realize we are doing it, so we have no clue that it's anything special. Then somebody comes along and tells you, "Oh cool! You're [fill in the spiritual gift]" and your whole world changes.

Now I slip in and out of channeling and intuitive downloads throughout the day. Sometimes it's super intentional with an invocation and stillness. Other times it just happens and I find myself answering a question from a friend with wisdom that feels beyond my personal comprehension. It's my go to for any meditations that I lead and I also use it to write most of the newsletters for my business. I also invite this divine wisdom into my client sessions and the Breathwork sessions that I lead.

In fact, last night after I led a Breathe with Tiffany session, I spoke to one attendee who jokingly asked if I could see what she had written in response to the journal prompts. She told me that I was saying all of the things that she had written for her intention. She then went on to say that the entire experience felt like it was just for her and everyone else was just along for the ride.

I am incredibly grateful for this gift and I also think that every person on this earth has access to it as well. All you have to do is allow yourself the time to practice and accept the fact that you too are magical AF!

P.S. Five years ago I met with a meditation teacher because I wanted to start leading meditations. With her decades of buddhist training and experience, she rained all over my parade. She told me I wouldn't make it because it's a hard path for business. She also said my lack of extensive training could cause harm to others. I am so glad I didn't listen to her! Meditation has become one of my greatest assets and I can't imagine not sharing this gift with others.

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