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My most magical retreat yet

This past weekend I hosted a virtual retreat called Your Best Year - 2021 Edition. It was the third time I was hosting this retreat and each one has held a special place in my heart. There was something extra special about this past weekend though. Something purely magical that was created by doing less and being open to more.

I always set an intention for my experiences in advance. Then I visualize looking back at the experience after it's completion and imagine seeing the intention being fulfilled. I seal in this intention with Reiki and trust that I will be guided and supported in its manifestation.

A few days before the retreat began, I received the Quantum Touch newsletter. The first segment of the newsletter talked about a healer who "runs energy" (the Quantum Touch approach to healing) for her events. I had been playing with a combination of Reiki and Quantum Touch for healing sessions and my own personal practice. However, it had not yet occurred to me to add the Quantum Touch element to my experiences. Up until this point, I had been using Reiki to set my energetic containers and instantly my interest was piqued to see what adding Quantum Touch could do.

With pure curiosity, I sat on my couch, closed my eyes and activated my energy. I used my breath to pull energy up through my legs, torso and into the top of my head where it then spilled down my arms and into my hands. After a few cycles, I could feel the energy in my entire body buzzing lightly. I placed my hands face up in my lap and imagined that the retreat was a ball resting in the palms of my hands. With each breath, I imagined flowing the pure life force energy that was running through my body directly into the ball.

My intention was simple: May every attendee to receive exactly what they need for their highest and greatest good.

I let the energy pour into the retreat ball in my lap until I heard "it is done." Before closing, I whispered my own personal request. "I am prepared to be amazed. Thank you for your love, support and guidance." Then I ended the session and rinsed my hands in cool water.

I started the retreat with my usual introductions, community agreements, and tarot cards. From the very beginning, I could sense that I was being held energetically and that energy had a slightly different flavor from my typical Reiki container. It was more vibrant, strong and supportive.

I offered each person a tarot card that would serve as insight into the energy signature for their weekend. After a brief discussion about how the card landed with the second recipient, I received an intuitive hit to open the floor. I had a sense that someone else in the group was receiving a download or insight into the card that had just been shared. There was a slight pause and then another woman jumped in and shared a vision that she was seeing in her mind's eye.

That moment unlocked the magic for the entire retreat. I found myself creating space for more intuitive hits, visions and awarenesses. The more space I created, the more magic each individual poured in. The power that was summoned by holding space for everyone to offer their own unique gifts and insights was incredible.

We all watched as multiple individuals had significant breakthroughs and personal transformations. Individuals received the clarity and guidance they were seeking and it was clear the group really formed a connection that would be remembered for years to come. The entire experience closed with an abundant outpouring of love and gratitude. I knew without a shadow of doubt that everyone received exactly what they needed.

The best part for me was that I actually did less and trusted more. I leaned back into the container that I had created and watched as the Universe worked through these women in the most beautiful and awe-inspiring ways. I knew what to say and when to say it. I also knew when to stand back and allow someone else's wisdom to fill the space without feeling like my own authority or value in the group was being threatened.

I'm not sure if the attendees consciously knew it, but I'm sure they could sense the energy shift as my own transformational breakthrough unfolded before them. By the time we shared who we are becoming, my entire body was lit up. The energy was flowing through my body so intensely I could not stop the tremor that was taking over my legs and hips. I let it happen just the same as I had let the entire retreat experience flow through me. I no longer needed to resist or control because I knew that my highest good was being served through this work too. When the tremor stopped, I knew my own healing was complete. My trust in Spirit, myself and the magic within others expanded beyond words.

My mind would love to sit here and question how I could replicate that level of transformational healing magic. It wants to debate whether it was the running of energy before hand or if it was leaning even further into trusting my intuition or if it was just the right people at just the right time. But I know that trying to figure how I created this experience doesn't really matter. I can't recreate that moment, nor would I want to try. There are plenty more magical moments that are waiting to be manifest into reality. So I am going to feel the gratitude for this amazing weekend and be open to the next magical moment that the Universe places on my path.

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