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Spaciousness and mind orgasms

I've been exploring spaciousness, or rather the lack thereof, over the last couple of days. I realized that I had been living under a few self-imposed deadlines and expectations that were creating unnecessary pressure. One of the biggest ones was the need to post the Diary entries before 10 am.

That expectation was created when I read an article about the ideal open rates for emails. The article said emails are more likely to be opened on certain days and times. A desire to reach as many people as possible has led me to squeeze myself into those ideal days and times repeatedly.

Sometimes it worked, and I could flow through a Diary entry in an hour or two. However, other times, it felt like I was banging my head against the wall to get something out that was worth reading. As I dug into the feeling a little more, I realized that having a deadline created unnecessary pressure every time I sat down to write.

I began to realize that trying to fit my creativity into these so-called "ideal times" was really limiting me. I was creating from a place of fear that my words wouldn't reach people. And the more I tuned in, the more I realized that hurrying to post before 10 am didn't feel good to my mind, body, or soul.

I don't want to play into the mind games and limiting beliefs that say I have to send an email at a certain time for it to be opened. I believe that my writing is worth reading and that it will reach whoever it needs to reach, whenever it needs to reach them. I also trust that I will consistently show up for this work and that I don't need a deadline to play with the creative self-expression that I already love.

With trust, alignment, and feeling good as my goals, I gave myself the time to enjoy and relax into my day on Monday. I started my day with breathwork and a delicious breakfast. Then I took my dog for a nice long walk before I sat down to write. I posted the Diary entry and sent the email to my subscribers around 1:00 pm PDT. And you know what? My email open rate actually increased! Take that silly marketing rules!

I'm sure the information used to create the best times to send emails was legit. However, I also know that magic happens when I am in the flow and enjoying my way of doing things.

The other thing that I want to mention is how different I have felt about the last two days due to this relaxed state of enjoyment. This hasn't just impacted my writing; it has changed the way I experience my entire day. I'm doing the same things that I had been doing before, but my internal experience has shifted significantly.

I'm noticing a deep internal relaxation and calm that leads to a much greater appreciation for how I spend my time. There's also a profound sense of knowing that I can slow down and savor the experience that I'm having at the moment. There's no need to rush or hurry to get things done, and the mental release that creates feels damn near orgasmic.


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