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Spirit's thoughts on working with the moon

The following is a channeled conversation with Spirit. My words are written in regular text. Spirit's responses are written in italics. This conversation includes thoughts on working with the lunar energies as well as my Aquarius full moon intentions.

Spirit - Any thoughts on or insights on the Aquarius full moon today?

We love the modalities you have created to support human evolution. We appreciate your willingness to work with the moon and the collective energy shifts you are creating by focusing here. However, we also want to remind you that your sacred creatorship is not limited by a thing in the sky and its location to the home you call Earth.

If working with the moon feels expansive, then by all means, explore that experience for yourself. But also know that you have access to all the energies and can influence the healing of the collective on any day and in any way that you choose.

Should I not be doing moon ceremonies anymore?

We did not say that. There is a collective creation that evolves with the phases of the moon, and that is an energy you can decide if you want to experience. The only thing we caution is whether you are taking part in this collective experience blindly or if you are maintaining your own self-sovereignty and sacred creatorship.

Part of waking up is reclaiming your decision making power. It is consciously creating the experiences you desire rather than deferring to someone or something else to make that decision for you.

After sitting with the insights from Spirit, I decided that I do enjoy being a part of the collective experience that utilizes the energy of the moon for healing and evolution. I enjoy the process of setting intentions based on the zodiac essence. I enjoy the reflection and introspection that comes with looking back at the previous moon phases and intentions. I also enjoy the ritual and ceremony of working with these earthly expressions of Spirit.

What I do to celebrate the lunar phases is always different because I am constantly evolving. Today's ceremony involved writing, channeling Spirit, revisiting my Aquarius new moon intentions from February 11, 2021, and a 3 card reading.

In case you didn't know this, Aquarius is the Visionary.

So part of my exploration today was asking what my vision is for my life. During that reflection, I realized how easily I get caught up in what could be rather than appreciating what is. I get so focused on that which I desire that I completely overlook the fact that I have already created my dream life.

Here are the notes from my journal:

What is my vision for my life? Deeply accepting and appreciating the life I have already created for myself. I have time and location freedom. I have a fantastic community that is loving and trustworthy. I have a partner that cares for me and wants to go on adventures with me. I have plenty of money and access to more than I could ever possibly need. I am a writer. I am creative. I love my body and this magnificent life I have created.

My Full Moon Intention:

My Aquarius full moon intention is to accept and appreciate my life. To be present for the beauty of the now and the magnificence that surrounds me. To keep my heart open and to practice love all day, every day.

Since the Cancer New Moon two weeks ago, I have experienced growth and healing in the area of self-worth. Releasing the habits of proving and pleasing has changed my life. I feel more secure in who I am, and I am choosing how I show up in this world. I seek validation and confirmation from within. I connect to Source daily, and I live with love as my baseline.

In looking at my Aquarius New Moon notes, I realized that there is one thing that I have been debating for 6 months. I didn't realize that I had been considering whether or not to proceed for over 6 months and I now realize that energy leak needs to be sealed by making a decision. Today, I am choosing to release indecision. I choose to trust myself and the decisions I make. I know that there is no such thing as a wrong decision and I'm open to experience growth, love, and truth.

My 3 Card Reading:

My card reading included the essence of this full moon (Queen of Inspiration/Wands), what is being released (2 of Voices/Swords), and what is being embodied (Knight of Voices/Swords). The reading was aligned with the intention that I set, and it also gave me a little more depth to explore.

Moving from indecision to effortless flight, freedom, and aligned action. Embracing my powers and strengths with ease. Tapping into the energies at my fingertips. There is no limit for I am the sky.

Happy full moon blessings (if that is what you choose for yourself)!

P.S. I used the Muse Tarot for my card reading today.

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