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Spirit said I can hear with my feet

The following is a channeled conversation with Spirit. My words are written in plain text, and Spirit's responses are written in italics. This conversation includes thoughts on opening my channel, quitting, talking to animals and trees, hearing with the entire body, 3D marketing and sales techniques, and moving from the 9 chakras to the 3 chakra system.

Spirit, I am curious about the 100 days practice (do one thing consistently each day for 100 days). I heard about the practice from Kyle Cease and would like to explore having a daily conversation with you for 100 days. I look forward to the process and what it will teach me about myself. I will admit, I do feel some fear and intimidation. I worry that I will not be able to connect or receive your wisdom every day. What if I can't do it?

It will benefit you to relax into this moment and allow the words to flow through you rather than seeking the wisdom you desire. Lean back in your chair. Open your heart and allow the words to wash over you the same way water washes over you in the shower.

Is there any part of my channel that is closed, blocked, or in need of cleaning?

Yes. You often lean forward in the physical body the same way you lean forward in life. Practice present moment (vertical) alignment to center yourself and fully open your channel.

Interesting. Ok. I can feel the difference in my body when I align vertically compared to when I lean forward [also realizing the leaning forward in life is a reference to my constant focus on my future fears, like what happens if I run out of money].

Yes. You would also benefit from this alignment when you meditate by removing the pillow from under your head.

That makes me think of breathwork and the reminder to keep the neck flat and throat open. Why did I stop practicing breathwork? Was it time for something else, or did I quit?

Interesting choice of words. "Did I quit?" There is a story here that quitting is a bad thing. You live in a free will world where you are allowed to make any choices your heart desires. Quitting has become a form of conditioning. Some use it to belittle you into action rather than allowing you self-sovereignty.

I think many people aim to use it as a form of empowerment or encouragement. Is that not ok to help people overcome their fears?

Many use it as a form of manipulation to support their own personal agenda rather than asking the decision maker why this thing is no longer aligned or desired.

So I didn't quit?

Technically you quit, or you could say you paused, or you could say you're not choosing that for yourself right now. All of these would be accurate statements. The only difference is how each set of words makes you feel.

You're right. Saying I quit feels shameful and disempowering. It's like admitting I wasn't good enough or committed enough to continue. Saying I'm taking a break right now feels much more relaxed and empowering.

So why did I take a break from breathwork?

My sweet child. You know the answer just as well as I do. You took a break because you felt like that was the most expansive decision for yourself. You were gaining speed in the direction of bitterness, and you knew that didn't feel good. There was nothing right or wrong with your decision. It was the perfect thing for you in the moment. Just as doing this is the perfect thing for you to do in this moment.

Sometimes I don't even know what to ask you. I feel a bit intimidated and unworthy even to be taking up your time.

We have all the "time" in the world, and just because I am here with you now doesn't mean that I am not also present with every other person and thing on this planet. I am the Universal Intelligence that is present in all things.

You have been taught that I am but one single person (like you but in spirit form), but that is not true. I am all thingsthe formless and the formed. I am the energetic vibration that becomes life and matter. I am literally everywhere all the time.

Do you talk to the animals and the trees?

Their level of consciousness is different from the consciousness of humans. We do not "talk" as much as we are in essence one.

So who am I really talking to? I hear you in my head and feel you moving through my pen. Are you within me or outside of me?

I am all around you and within you. I speak through the portal of your heart, and that reverberates throughout the cells in your body. You hear me in your head because that is where the calls that you practice hearing with are located. What you are beginning to learn is that you can hear with your entire body.

Huh!?! Are you saying that I can hear with my feet?

In a way, yes. The vibration will be translated by your ears, but the vibration can be felt and received by any part of the body.

That makes sense and blows my mind at the same time. Is this something for me to practice?

If you'd like, our conversations are going to uncover a great many elements of understanding for you to explore.

Will there come a time when I no longer need to play by the 3D rules of marketing and sales? Is there a time in this lifetime when I get to just be myself, and people will recognize my value?

You are already experiencing such things, and as you continue to heal and decondition the mind, your lived experience and the things you create within it will continue to shift.

Do I need to speak 3D language (using fear as a motivator) for the unawake (those who have not yet experienced a spiritual awakening) to hear me? [This goes along with my 3D marketing and sales questions. I was wondering whether I needed to use the limitations and sales funnels that the world is used to experiencing in order to grow my business]

Yes, as long as that is what you believe. Every soul hears and moves towards Truth naturally. The same way the body heals naturally. The less you focus on the how and the more you focus on your own vibration and healing - the easier your point of attraction will bring forth your desires.

When the 9 chakras become 3, what will they be?

The above. The below. The within. Like in your alchemical texts. The elemental chakra bodies - salt, mercury, sulfur.

[For those of you who are not familiar with the alchemical elements. Salt represents the physical body. Mercury represents the mental and emotional body. Sulfur represents the spiritual body.]

Those feel like layers rather than the vertical alignment that we have grown accustomed to.

Yes, as your evolution continues, there will be less focus on the details and more expression of the greater elemental bodies. The detailed chakra system is in use now for people to better understand and pinpoint what needs to be healed. As consciousness expands and healing becomes more prevalent, there will be less need to look at the detailed systems.

This is really stretching me. It makes sense, and yet I can clearly hear a voice within me that says people are gonna think I'm making this up. Who am I to prophetize such things?

You are the one who chose to sit and receive this information in written form. All have access to this information regardless of whether they accept or deny it.

And I don't have to share any of this if I don't want to?

No. You do have that choice, and yet we know you came here to speak the Truth, which is why you are sitting here now translating it into these words.

I felt that. Will you help my humanness accept the love, support, and courage to be the steward of this work and body of Truth?

Yes, of course.

Thank you.

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