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That's possible for me

Yesterday I was walking through my neighborhood, and I stopped to look at the sign in front of a house that was for sale. The house was an adorable craftsman bungalow with tons of character. As I admired the photos, I felt myself wanting to know how much the sellers were asking.

Usually when I see a price that is above what we paid for our house, I have a bit of an adverse reaction. There's an internal dialogue that quickly jumps in to explains why it's not for me. The reasons usually start with having to earn more money first, and eventually, they end with "I didn't really even like the place anyway." Pretending something wasn't my style or preference has been my go-to thought for making myself feel better when I don't think I can have what I'm looking at.

When I saw the price (which was more than double what we paid), I noticed a different inner dialogue. I heard a voice within me whisper, "that's possible for me." I was a bit shocked by this little voice full of big possibility, so I let the words repeat in my mind.

That's possible for me.

That's possible for me.

OMG Yes! That really IS possible for me.

As my enthusiasm grew, I decided to play with "that's possible for me" as my new mantra. I continued on my walk, and a couple of blocks over, I saw a beautiful Mercedes sprinter van. Instead of admiring it with a sprinkle of jealousy, I once again said, "that's possible for me," and felt myself smile at the possibility.

After repeating the phrase a few times, I unexpectedly became aware of an internal block that I had created. I have been dreaming of a few things (like a new car) for a little while, but every time I think of that desire, I hear myself say, "not yet." Usually, the excuse that follows is that I need to make more money first.

I realized at that moment that I had fallen into the habit of perpetuating my current reality. I was reinforcing the fact that I could only have what I currently have instead of allowing myself to experience what I truly desire. The "that's possible for me" mantra had released me from the excuses and limitations that were keeping me stuck in my current reality.

Now that's not to say I'm going to rush out and buy a brand new Jeep just because I realize that I can. I am enjoying the fact that I know I can make that purchase right now. I am basking in the energy of that possibility and knowing that it's totally ok that it's not a top priority for me at this moment. It doesn't mean I can't have it. It means that I have the capacity for it, and when the time is right, it'll happen.

As I sat with the next module of my Manifestation Babe Academy course this morning, I was invited to reflect on my goals and vision from a module that I had completed about 4 weeks ago. I was a little surprised to see that one of the things I had written down was wanting to dream bigger. A part of me must've known that I was blocking my expansion and manifestations by only focusing on what was already in my world. The mantra that I discovered yesterday helped me unlock my imagination and start to see the potential for a different reality.

I repeated my mantra a few more times as I imagined a few things that I had previously written off as impossible for me. As my mind loosened up, I was suddenly inundated with a flood of inspiration. I had visions of a beautifully landscaped yard and outdoor area that we can enjoy all year round. I saw our sweet little camper all fixed up and decorated to reflect our personality. I could see all the adventures we had experienced and the memories we made along the way. I watched as my wardrobe evolved into this quality and creative expression of my personality. The list went on and on!

I trust the magic and possibility will continue to unfold, and I am so excited to experience my unlocked imagination. I have a feeling a lot of things are gonna change in the next couple of weeks, and I can't wait see all the possibilities that decide to tickle my Soul.


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