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This is what trust feels like

I've been noticing a number of differences in the energy that is present for me here in the nest. What has stood out the most is the feeling of relaxed presence. Even though my external reality has not shifted significantly, I feel totally supported. There is a deep inner knowing that is permeating every cell in my body and I absolutely love it!

A conversation with my best friend helped me to really understand this new essence that is bubbling to the surface. As I was telling her about the ease and clarity that I was noticing, I suddenly realized that this is what trust feels like! I didn't realize that I had no idea what trust would feel like until I really started to experience it.

Now I am no longer living under the daily influence of worry, doubt and fear. These feelings have not disappeared completely. However, I am recognizing this sly gang of bullies before they've snuck into the driver's seat of my mind.

Without fear at the wheel, I have felt more secure in my sense of self, my business and my relationships. I am patiently watching my path unfold before me and I believe that each step I take is a step in the right direction. I'm not stressed over what I should be doing with my time or where the money will come from to live the life of my dreams. I know at a much deeper level that I am completely taken care of, just as I have always been.

There's also a shift in how I show up for my clients. I feel like I can truly just be myself. There is no need to prove or exert extra effort to hold the perfect space for them. I know that Spirit is supporting our highest good and that I will always know what to do in the moment. That confidence is allowing me to lean back and trust my gifts and intuition even more. There is no doubt in my mind that they can feel this energetic shift as well.

Perhaps this is the turning point I have been waiting for or maybe it's one of the many turning points on this spiral staircase we call the inner work. All I know is that my life feels amazing and I can't even begin to imagine what I will feel like after devoting the rest of this year (and more likely this lifetime) to trusting Spirit and myself.

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