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Wealth and the addiction to more

I was inspired to open Worthy: Boost your Self-worth to Grow your Net Worth by Nancy Levin. I thumbed through the pages a few times and then intuitively opened the book to see this affirmation.

"I'm worthy of taking action toward a better future that brings me wealth in every area of my life."

Hmmm. Wealth in every area of my life would lead me to believe that my previously accepted definition of wealth (having lots of money) needs to be expanded.

What is wealth?

An accumulation of [long thinking pause] goodness? Goodness isn't really the right word. Perhaps it's an accumulation of manifested desire. That doesn't feel quite right either. Perhaps it's the things you value or appreciate or maybe it doesn't need an additional descriptive word at all. Perhaps it is just an accumulation. Wealth is something that I have previously associated with money but you could also have a wealth of dandelions or friends or journals.

Why do we chase wealth?

I think it's because we have been conditioned to believe that more is better. We are bombarded with stories, advertisements and influencers that say we have to have more, do more, be more. More. More. More! Having more may even lead one to believe that we are more. More worthy. More safe. More comfortable. Except we're not. More is an addiction and our society doesn't want you to know how bad it is for your mental and emotional health.

We chase wealth for the sense of security we think it will provide. We tell ourselves that if we had $1 million in the bank, we wouldn't worry and life would be easy. The unique twist is that $I million in the bank doesn't offer complete and total security. When you are addicted to more, you can't stop reaching for it. Have more. Need more. Repeat.

So what does create true security?

It's trusting in the abundance of resources and possibilities that are available (which is a continuation of the power outage realization from last week). It's appreciating that my needs have always been met. It's also trusting in the my ability to receive what I need going forward.

That is what creates true inner safety and freedom. It's not an amount that's already in the bank, it's the abundance of options that surround me at all times. It's about focusing on what is available rather than dwelling on what's missing.

Do I really want wealth?

I certainly wouldn't pass it down, but I think the thing I truly desire is to feel the freedom of knowing I am capable, resourceful and in the flow of anything I could potentially need. I want to experience the level of trust that says all my needs are met and know that is true.

The interesting thing is that history would prove that what I want to believe is already true. My needs have always been met. Most days, I'm just too busy looking at what might happen if the money runs out to appreciate the fact it never has.

Perhaps it really is all about perspective. This isn't about putting on rose colored glasses. This is just looking at what is and what has been instead of worrying about the worst case scenario (which is only 1 possibility in an endless sea of possibilities).

Feeling like there was a little more to explore here, I drew a tarot card for further contemplation.

Knight of Feathers -Action, Focus (and a lovely citrine)

The Spiritsong Tarot guidebook says: "Coyote has an enquiring mind and is an intense observer. He is a revealer of truth behind illusion, and always cuts to the chase. Working with his resources, he doesn't let anything block his progress. Coyote is your guide in putting your goals into action, and he challenges you to strike while the iron is hot. Focus your energy on communicating your ideas, and demonstrate how much you're in control. If you feel conflicted in making your move, now is the time to grant enough faith in yourself to overcome fear. Be aware and informed, and know that you will be able to deal with any roadblocks as they arise by adjusting plans as needed."

The coyote looks like he's walking back (towards the past) and had a lightbulb moment. I get a feeling that I could go back to that old way of thinking or I could choose a new story to tell myself. Like the coyote, this is my lightbulb moment.

What story do I choose?

I am choosing to focus on the wealth of gratitude I have for the life I am living. I know my natural tendency is growth and evolution, so I don't need to pressure myself with a goal or a fear of the future. It's a matter of choosing the focus that will serve my highest good.

I'm choosing to be aware of the wealth that already surrounds me in all areas of my life. I know that my needs are always met and that I live in an abundant and generous Universe. I am resourceful, capable and open to receiving. I choose to remain in appreciation for what is and what is coming rather than allowing my mind to ruminate on the worst case scenario.

I am safe. My needs are met. I am in the flow of Universal Life Force Energy. I live in an abundant Universe. Everything is happening for my highest good. I am grateful for each and every blessing and miracle that comes into my life and the lives of those around me.

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