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What does it mean to be a Lightworker?

I remember the first time I called myself a Lightworker. I was out with a couple friends and I had asked each person what one word they would use to describe themselves. This was a popular question for me to ask at that time, so I already had a single word to describe myself. Shortly after posing the question to the group, I realized that my one word had escaped me. As I searched my memory for the one word I had been using up until that point, a new word entered my awareness.


The thought that followed was something along the lines of “huh?! ” I had heard the term Lightworker before, but I didn’t really know what it meant. I also knew that my friends wouldn’t have a clue. So, I googled it. I read a couple articles and found one that was written in a way that felt easy to understand (especially for those who didn’t wander in the spiritual world like the friends I was with at the time).

When it came time to share my one word, I took a deep breath and said Lightworker. My body tensed with the fear of judgment which surprisingly didn’t come. Instead I was met with confusion. No one in the circle had ever even heard the word let alone knew what it meant. I shared the article and watched as my friends read, shrugged and said “um, ok.” It was clear they did not understand what I was sharing about myself and, in that moment, I began to realize that was ok. The only person who really needed to know was me.

In the three years that followed that moment, I didn’t have the courage to call myself a Lightworker. I tried on a number of other labels and titles while I watched my gifts grow and evolve. I called myself a coach, spiritual teacher, energy healer, intuitive, alchemist and a few other creative titles that I quickly discovered meant little to anyone but me. Some of those labels fit better than others but none of them felt like they really describe me well. As I sit here right now, I am realizing that Lightworker may in fact be the most fitting and encompassing word to describe me.

What does it mean to be a Lightworker?

My mind wants to create some sort of textbook definition that makes it easy and clear for you to understand. Perhaps a checklist that you can mark off to determine if you are a Lightworker too. But let’s be real. The mind is not in charge when you are a Lightworker. It is your heart that knows whether this is your truth, so it is my own heart that is going to share what being a Lightworker means to me.

The journey of the Lightworker is the journey of the heart. It’s a path of self-healing and personal empowerment that leads to fulfilling your soul’s greater mission. A mission that is in service to oneself, Spirit and the greater collective. In other words, it’s serving your own highest good in order to serve highest good of others. Being a Lightworker is about standing in your truth and allowing your core essence to radiate for all to see.

The characteristics of being a Lightworker can be found in many places across the internet. Your mind may want to take you on that wild goose chase. But I’m going to invite you to find your own true answer first. The answer that comes from within and then you will know beyond a shadow of doubt if being a Lightworker is your truth as well.

Take a couple long deep breaths and allow your awareness to land softly in the sweet and tender center of your heart. Breathe into this space as if each breath is filling your heart with the most radiant light you can imagine. Once you feel connected to this place of your infinite wisdom, whisper these words to your heart “Am I a Lightworker?” Listen. Feel. Experience the answer.

My guess is that just by being here and reading this far, you already knew the answer. Sending my love and appreciation to you dear Lightworker. Welcome to the family.

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